Weekly Spending Update 8/4-8/10

As another week comes to a close, I sit back and reflect on how busy the past 7 days have been for me. I left a cliffhanger in my most recent Weekly Spending Update, so to fill everyone in on what my big announcement is… I BOUGHT A HOUSE! The whole process took about 7 hours on Saturday and as I woke up on Sunday morning, reality of me being a (potential) homeowner still had not sunk in yet. I was anticipating having some buyer’s remorse but I was still thrilled that I am setting out on being a homeowner. With the craziness that came with this week, I wasn’t able to find the time to cook any meals at home. Or more truthfully I didn’t even try to find the time to cook. Luckily for me I took advantage of some free lunches at work to mitigate some of the costs I would normally have to endure if i didn’t cook at home during the week.

Total Spending – $378.46

  • $8.43 – Cane’s
  • $15.31 – Dinner for my Brother and I
  • $26.72 – Gas
  • $328 – House Inspection

Overall, my spending was surprisingly low for how crazy this week truly was because typically, when weeks fall out of rhythm that is when I do my most spending. The good news is that I didn’t do any frivolous spending other than eating out for almost every dinner. Fortunately for me, my Mom treated me to a couple of dinner this week too. She definitely knows how to win me over and I am very lucky that she is so generous to my siblings and I. 

At the beginning of the week, one of the most frustrating things happened to me that has forced me to spend a lot of time at my parents this week. Not that I am complaining because my parents treat me VERY well whenever I visit. I make it seem like I live terribly far away from them but in reality, I only live 25 minutes from their house. And now with my new house, I will be less than 10 minutes away. The great thing for me is that I have an extremely close knit family. That all stems from my grandparents who have given us so much to be grateful for and I got to thank my Grandpa in my Open Letter to My Grandpa. However, I digress…The terrible thing that happened to me was that I have been without internet since Tuesday! I called Tuesday night to try and get it fixed as soon as possible. They were going to send someone out Wednesday afternoon to try and solve the issue. The only problem was I wasn’t going to be home to test the connection since I was going to see the Playing with FIRE documentary. I brought my Dad and Grandpa with me to see the film because I wanted to give them another medium to learn about the FIRE movement. They can only listen to me for so long and some of the topics were more eloquently discussed in the documentary. The film was fantastic and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see it! Thanks to the Cincinnati Financial Independence Group for getting it together!! After seeing the documentary, I went back to my apartment thinking my internet was going to fixed but as soon as I walked in and failed to connect, I knew there was still a problem. So another phone call to the internet company and long story short, I will still be without internet until this coming Tuesday. Since my apartment is essentially reliant on the internet, I decided to spend some quality time at my parents’ house this past week. 

Then finally to cap off the week, I had my house inspection walk through. Thankfully, the inspection went really well! There are no glaring issues with the house that would cause the sale to fall through. There are a couple of things I need to discuss with my realtor to try and negotiate with the seller to get fix. But all in all, a great end to a busy week! I can’t wait for the next couple of weeks to happen because I am slated to close on the house on August 30th. It’s amazing to me how quickly the process of buying a house has been for me. Tune in on Wednesday for a complete breakdown of how I bought a house in 7 hours!

Thanks!Steven | Rx for FIRE

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