5 Inspirations That Fuel my FIRE

Most people on the FIRE journey have their inspirations that have led them down the FIRE path. With each new podcast episode, I listen to or new blog post I read, I come across more and more people that are on the same journey. Most of the inspirations I have found are much further along in their journey than myself, but the beautiful thing about the FIRE community is that we are all on this journey together. It’s not about comparing yourself to the bloggers or the hosts of the podcasts you admire. it’s about learning from them and making intentional decisions in your own life that will progress you along the journey. There are definitely going to be stumbles along the way but the FIRE community is there to always have your back to help you continue your journey on toward FIRE. Here is the list of 5 blogs or podcasts I find myself following on a regular basis that have helped me on my FIRE journey.

Your Financial Pharmacist 

While technically this podcast doesn’t fall under the traditional FIRE podcast, it is the first podcast I listened to that got me interested in financial freedom. It is a podcast primarily for other pharmacists and it focuses on paying off student loans, staying debt free, and getting yourself to financial freedom. Since I am a pharmacist this blog and podcast really spoke to me on a personal level. As pharmacist, we are lucky to enjoy high incomes and with that comes (usually) high student loans. They give very detailed ways to help students become debt free and work towards financial freedom. I owe a lot to them for getting me started down the rabbit hole that is FIRE.

Millennial Revolution 

This blog is written by two Canadians (FIRECracker & Wanderer) who have retired in their 30s and are traveling the world. The series of theirs that got me super excited about FIRE and investing was their Investment Workshop. They spent an entire year putting together essentially a beginner’s guide to investing. Once I sunk my teeth into this workshop I gobbled up all their posts in this series in a day. I was so enthralled in the series that I went out and opened my own Vanguard account the day I found it just to “play” along with them. They were the first ones to open my eyes into index investing and how fundamental it is to the FIRE community.

Choose FI

This podcast has utterly changed my life for the better. This podcast has given me so many tips and tricks to getting into FIRE. The hosts Jonathan and Brad put out 2 episodes a week. The Monday episode focuses on a specific topic or they bring a guest on the show. I have loved every guest they have showcased because it given me another person or blog I can go to find out more about FIRE. I am still new to their podcast and am making my way through their episodes. They stress taking actionable tips that people can work into their everyday lives to get them closer to FIRE.

Mr. Money Mustache

How does one write an inspiration post and not mention Mr. Money Mustache. He is such a staple in the community and majority of the bloggers and podcasters out there a site him as one of their inspirations. So naturally he is one of mine too. On his blog, he puts things is such simple terms that it just makes so much sense. Now I am in no way close to living the same lifestyle as him, but he has taught me to become more intentional with my spending. In his article Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement, he puts this concept together that really has me thinking that everyone should and could be doing this.

Fiery Millennial

This blog has become my newest obsession. I heard Gwen as a guest on a ChooseFI podcast episode and really related to her. We are almost the same age and have both started our careers off in the black. She did a much better job at college hacking than I did, and she got right into the workforce right out of college instead of going to graduate school like me. What is really fascinating about her is that I can follow in her footsteps because she is a couple of years ahead of me on the FIRE journey. She has paved the way of what it looks like to follow the FIRE journey as a millennial.

While still being new to my FIRE journey I haven’t been able to pursue all the wonderful content waiting for me. This list is in NO WAY comprehensive of the people that I have leaned on or have gotten ideas from but the blogs or podcasts I follow regularly. Let me know in the comments what blogs or podcasts you guys listen to that have helped you on your journey to FIRE.


Steven | Rx for FIRE

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